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The Brand New Mommy, Karen Taylor Bass

Considered one of the premier authorities in the public relations industry, Karen Taylor Bass, has created strategic “out of the box,” public relations, branding, and marketing campaigns for celebrities (Jill Scott, Mariah Carey, Stevie Wonder); athletes (Ray Allen, Chris Webber, NBA Moms); entrepreneurs, and corporations (Coca-Cola USA, Apollo Theater, Harper Collins Publishing) for over 15 years.

Taylor Bass is an author, public relations coach, brand consultant, and a popular host for -  ‘Brand New You,’ popular web-series about reinvention on Black Enterprise.com.

Karen Taylor Bass spends her time as the CEO of The Brand New Mommy.com, a digital destination for all things REINVENTION– lifestyle, health, motherhood, fame, and passion while redefining her personal brand post childbirth.

The Brand New Mommy (TBNM) (www.thebrandnewmommy.com) is a blog for women seeking to renew and redefine their personal brand post childbirth.

Taylor Bass launched The Brand New Mommy in August 2010 to provide an alternative voice for women (mothers, executives, entrepreneurs) seeking motivation and career/work-life balance.
“My dream is to empower women -- especially moms. I want us strive to put self first and get healthy. I forgot myself for many years and know what its like to put everyone first and that’s not healthy.
Taylor Bass’ Tips to Creating a ‘Brand’ New Mommy:
1) Create a plan to Reinvent. Planning is the best, now that your life has changed - its time to identify your ‘new’ needs and take baby steps to create a brand-new-you and incorporate a savvy fiscal plan
2)     Get Fit. When you move and release endorphins you are happier and keep stress at a minimum, create a workout plan and get healthy.
3) Groove with a group. You are not alone and many moms are struggling with PPD (post partum depression) and keeping their pain in silence. At the BNM we connect moms with mental health practitioners AND listen to moms express their anxiety and deepest fears
4) Connect with cocktails. It’s imperative to leave the house and see the sunshine, laugh, and be around people who make you feel good. Not to mention a glass of wine is the mommy cure all.
5) Trick your Noggin. Take a workshop/class and get the juices pumping to reinvent and live your best life 
6) Rock the boat. Always do something safe and uncomfortable to get you out of your comfort zone --- live momma 
7)Get some rest. You are the most important person, it’s to delegate the household chores and put yourself to bed early

Taylor Bass is the host of Brand: Mom on Chic Rebellion.tv and the author of the upcoming book, The Brand New Mommy: From Babies To Branding To Bliss (learn how to renew your life) with the foreword written by Jill Scott.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Leroy Scott 360Life Talk Show Debuts Tonight

Did you know that when you make the decision to forgive someone, you’re actually doing yourself a favor?
Joyce Meyer Gospel Today
Unforgiveness in your heart develops bitterness and drains your energy.

You may have even heard the saying, “Bitterness is like drinking poison and expecting the other person to get sick.” It’s true. But you can avoid this sickness.

Want to know how to FORGIVE and LIVE?  Want to UNbreak YOUR heart?

Tune in and hear nationally recognized Professional Christian Counselor & Life Coach, Leroy Scott on his debut show, 360Life Talk 
Leroy Scott, author/speaker
In this debut show with Leroy Scott learn how to un-break your heart and:
1. Learn how to manage your anger
2. Learn 5 reason Love matters
3. Learn what to do when you are hurt
4. Learn the 5 steps of forgiveness
5. Learn how to know that you have truly forgiven
Hear this show as author LEROY SCOTT talks about what forgiveness is ahd how it can help you heal from your past. 
Get the free chapter of "Unbreaking the Heart: 5 Simple Steps to Forgive Anybody for Anything"  at www.LeroyScott.com

Call in, listen, ask questions:  (347) 945-7080 or listen online at www.blogtalkradio.com/leroyscott

We must forgive because God commands us to forgive as the ones who are forgiven. But in the process, we will realize that we are actually doing ourselves a huge favor by forgiving... Freedom from depression, self-pity, and pain. Tune into the show to learn how to be free and unbreak your heart.

Get a free chapter at www.LeroyScott.com
unbreaking the heart

Friday, June 22, 2012

Get Your Book Breakthrough!

When we are collecting books, we are collecting happiness”

– Vincent Starrett

I’m a dreamer. God has gifted me with big dreams too. What puts legs to my dreams are the things I read. Finding fuel for my dreams is a lifetime task. Staying motivated, encouraged and passionate does not happen just because I’m zealous. Reading inspirational materials and surrounding myself with “dream builders” is what keeps me going.

What about you? What floats your boat? Do you just dream and get discouraged because it’s not happening.

Let me make a suggestion: Read! Most successful people have libraries filled with “how-to’s” and motivational materials. 

Books will improve your outlook, attitude and income! By reading books, you’re designing your dream life.

Reading allows you to get to the core of your soul and carve out a “blueprint” for success. If you have an issue, there’s a book that can help! If you think you’re the only who has been through stuff, pick a book off this page – you’ll be encouraged!

Take time this summer to dive into some good books.

There is no better university than the “You” University – make sure you learn from the chief professor, The Holy Spirit. Victory is guaranteed.

Pam Perry




Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Thursday, March 29, 2012

A Writer’s Success from the Perspective of a PR Pro

A Writer’s Success from the Perspective of PR Guru Pam Perry by B. Miller

Q1 – When I first started writing my biggest concern was learning the craft of writing. It still is, come to think of it. But now as I get closer to being “publisher ready,” I’m learning how important it is to have a brand and or a platform.  Has this always been true in publishing or is this a new phenomenon? Yes, I always say if you don't have readers, you're just "journaling."

Q2 – How does a writer build a brand or an audience following? By giving out free information (positioning yourself as an expert) and speaking a lot! Also, building your writer's resume! You have to have some clips somewhere!

Also, how do you as a PR person work with the author to build that following? I work with authors a number of different ways. They can hire my company, Perry + Williamson and we do a full campaign (which is a 3 month min) or they can get coached to know what I know in a group coaching here or they can hire us as a "Pay per Placement" agent for things like an Amazon campaign or a Blog tour.

  My book, Synergy Energy, explains all three methods. They can go to www.MinistryMarketingSolutions.com/blog  and get the book or amazon. 

Q3 – If a writer chooses to work with a PR company what can they hope to gain that they couldn’t accomplish on their own?

A publicist:
·         Prepares promotional material such as press kits and press releases
·         Submits news releases and E-Blasts to media outlets (MMS has lists of them)
·         Schedules radio and/or T.V. interviews; deal with media
·         Schedules local and national appearances and/or book signings
·         Has a plethora of resources, contacts, and connections in the industry
 and help you think of creative ways to market your book (keep your market in mind) plus help with speaking Engagements are a way to promote and sell your books (You are the expert on what you write about)

Q4 What are some of the biggest changes that you’ve seen in the publishing industry since the advent of ebooks and products like Amazon’s Kindle, Nook and the Sony Reader?
 You said it. 90% of all books are now bought online. So if that's where the readers/buyers are - so should the authors! But they are not keeping up!

Q5 – What would you say is the biggest misconception about what it takes to be a bestselling author?
 That all they need to do is have successful book signings. I have a list of 10 Tips to What Makes a Best Seller on my Blog (www.perrywilliamson.com/swag).

Q6 – What advice would you give to writers who are considering self-publishing?
 Write your marketing plan first! If you don't, you will not know what to do to move your books!  There's questions on my website where an author can do a self-assessment to see if they have what it takes to Self-Publish. If they have em. then it's a green light. If not, they know they have work to do! LOL. They can get it www.LaunchLikeAsuperstar.com  

Q7 – Before you go, Pam, I have one more question for you. Being that this is a humorous storytelling blog, we like to have a good time. What is or was your favorite TV sitcom? 

I love Seinfield. I know. I'm old but It's a classic.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

The Secret to a "Dime's" Complete Happiness: Interview with Odeen Eccleston

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Even as a young child, Odeen Eccleston knew she was destined for success. This she attributed to God’s blessings, a wonderful family, and a strong belief in herself.  Now, at 26, the Toronto native is embarking on her third career as an author and all-around life guru with the release of her first book, More Than Just A Dime: A Guide for Beautiful Women & Girls to Livea Beautiful Life & World.  The book focuses on how women can harness their outer and inner beauty to realize their dreams and become the best version of themselves.

While still a teenager, Odeen began modeling and acting, and has appeared in numerous print ads, television shows, theatrical productions and feature films. After graduating from the University of Toronto with degrees in English and Psychology, Odeen entered the highly competitive world of real estate, quickly becoming one of most successful agents in the city. While building her business, Odeen launched her literary career, offering professional, beauty and relationship advice to women of all walks of life.

As her loyal following of readers grew, Odeen was inspired to write a book about the issues that shape women’s lives.  Be More Than Just A Dime was written for women of all races, sizes and backgrounds so that they can manifest the lives they truly desire and deserve.  Odeen Eccleston is also the founder, owner and operator of the Needo Publishing Company, which specializes in publications that uplift and empower others.
Odeen lives in Toronto, Ontario. 

Friday, January 13, 2012

7 Principles of Operating in Dominion in 2012 Beyond 01/13 by kelliegardner | Blog Talk Radio

I had a blast today on Kellie's show! I shared my story and the principles that I've learn that showed me "How to Reign in Life!"
I definitely believe that 2012 is the Year of the Reign!

7 Principles of Operating in Dominion in 2012 Beyond 01/13 by kelliegardner | Blog Talk Radio



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