Tuesday, September 18, 2012

The Brand New Mommy, Karen Taylor Bass

Considered one of the premier authorities in the public relations industry, Karen Taylor Bass, has created strategic “out of the box,” public relations, branding, and marketing campaigns for celebrities (Jill Scott, Mariah Carey, Stevie Wonder); athletes (Ray Allen, Chris Webber, NBA Moms); entrepreneurs, and corporations (Coca-Cola USA, Apollo Theater, Harper Collins Publishing) for over 15 years.

Taylor Bass is an author, public relations coach, brand consultant, and a popular host for -  ‘Brand New You,’ popular web-series about reinvention on Black Enterprise.com.

Karen Taylor Bass spends her time as the CEO of The Brand New Mommy.com, a digital destination for all things REINVENTION– lifestyle, health, motherhood, fame, and passion while redefining her personal brand post childbirth.

The Brand New Mommy (TBNM) (www.thebrandnewmommy.com) is a blog for women seeking to renew and redefine their personal brand post childbirth.

Taylor Bass launched The Brand New Mommy in August 2010 to provide an alternative voice for women (mothers, executives, entrepreneurs) seeking motivation and career/work-life balance.
“My dream is to empower women -- especially moms. I want us strive to put self first and get healthy. I forgot myself for many years and know what its like to put everyone first and that’s not healthy.
Taylor Bass’ Tips to Creating a ‘Brand’ New Mommy:
1) Create a plan to Reinvent. Planning is the best, now that your life has changed - its time to identify your ‘new’ needs and take baby steps to create a brand-new-you and incorporate a savvy fiscal plan
2)     Get Fit. When you move and release endorphins you are happier and keep stress at a minimum, create a workout plan and get healthy.
3) Groove with a group. You are not alone and many moms are struggling with PPD (post partum depression) and keeping their pain in silence. At the BNM we connect moms with mental health practitioners AND listen to moms express their anxiety and deepest fears
4) Connect with cocktails. It’s imperative to leave the house and see the sunshine, laugh, and be around people who make you feel good. Not to mention a glass of wine is the mommy cure all.
5) Trick your Noggin. Take a workshop/class and get the juices pumping to reinvent and live your best life 
6) Rock the boat. Always do something safe and uncomfortable to get you out of your comfort zone --- live momma 
7)Get some rest. You are the most important person, it’s to delegate the household chores and put yourself to bed early

Taylor Bass is the host of Brand: Mom on Chic Rebellion.tv and the author of the upcoming book, The Brand New Mommy: From Babies To Branding To Bliss (learn how to renew your life) with the foreword written by Jill Scott.

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