Friday, June 22, 2012

Get Your Book Breakthrough!

When we are collecting books, we are collecting happiness”

– Vincent Starrett

I’m a dreamer. God has gifted me with big dreams too. What puts legs to my dreams are the things I read. Finding fuel for my dreams is a lifetime task. Staying motivated, encouraged and passionate does not happen just because I’m zealous. Reading inspirational materials and surrounding myself with “dream builders” is what keeps me going.

What about you? What floats your boat? Do you just dream and get discouraged because it’s not happening.

Let me make a suggestion: Read! Most successful people have libraries filled with “how-to’s” and motivational materials. 

Books will improve your outlook, attitude and income! By reading books, you’re designing your dream life.

Reading allows you to get to the core of your soul and carve out a “blueprint” for success. If you have an issue, there’s a book that can help! If you think you’re the only who has been through stuff, pick a book off this page – you’ll be encouraged!

Take time this summer to dive into some good books.

There is no better university than the “You” University – make sure you learn from the chief professor, The Holy Spirit. Victory is guaranteed.

Pam Perry



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