Monday, August 1, 2011

The EPOC Effect is One Of the Fastest Ways to Healthy Weight Loss!

Stephen Pierce, international Internet marketing and public speaking rock star, was 295lbs and in less than 1 year went to 223lbs and 9.5% body fat.

I spent this past weekend at Stephen Pierce’s Infinite Internet Workshop, which was a life changing phenomenal experience. Stephen shared with us how to make money on the Internet. He gave goo gobs of different ways to make money but he also showed us 2 of the fastest ways to make money now! The workshop was about so much more than making money on the Internet. Stephen explained that in order to change your life, you need to change your mind which begins with your foundational beliefs. He told us not to just take notes but to take action! Stephen shared his personal journey about how he went from being homeless, living in office buildings to becoming a multi-millionaire, having a global presence and impact with his message!  He spoke of the different components in our lives that need to be addressed in order for us to reach our maximal potential. One of those components was health and fitness. He shared his daily success routine with us and gave us a sneak peak into his workout regime. He said he only works out for 20 very intense minutes along with some his fighting techniques (ask him about all of that!) It made me think about a class that I taught in my 6 week Reign in Health and Fitness boot camp.

The particular subject I taught was about EPOC, which stands for excess post exercise consumption. Okay, well what is that Shelita? Glad you asked. It’s the calories that you continue to burn after you are done with your workout. The significance it has on your weight loss goals is that you continue to burn more calories post exercise at a higher rate than if you were not getting the EPOC effect.

How do you get the EPOC effect? Through intense cardio or weight lifting. You can do interval, circuit training or heavy lifting. This type of work out goes against the steady state cardio that they taught us to do back in the day. You know, get on the treadmill or go walking for 1 hour and you will burn fat and lose the weight. Don’t get it twisted any kind of activity is good. Do the best you can do with where you are. If you can put the pedal to metal and burn some rubber than by all means do it! I like to run on the treadmill get off lift weights do abs, get on the elliptical, get back on the treadmill and continue the cycle until I’m done with all the weightlifting I want to do. Running in between lifting weights keeps my heart rate maxed out so that I get that EPOC effect. This burns massive calories and when I’m done I’m continuing to burn calories at a high rate. You can do all kinds of combos, if you’re interested in some examples I can do a post about it let me know. This kind of workout is intense 20-30 is really all you need to see some benefits. I usually go 45min to 1 hour but I’m an extremist by nature! I don’t do that kind of workout every day, I alternate with other exercise routines that I have.

What can you do to at your next workout to get that EPOC effect? Just rev it up at bit, do some sprints if you are running or walking every 1-3 change your intensity so that you max out what every your maximum heart rate is. Just remember if you can talk about what Kevin did to make you mad last night with your girlfriends you are NOT getting the EPOC effect! You should not be able to handle long conversations with this type of workout! Give it a try and let me know what you think. Leave me a comment or a question and share with your friends!

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