Thursday, August 25, 2011

Become a Super Woman and Reign in Weight Loss!

If you are tired of being overweight and you need some straight forward answers on how to get started on your journey, this article is for you! I you want to be inspired and motivated to continue on your journey to Reign in Health and Fitness, this article is you!

Today on my Reign in Life Radio show I interviewed Alyshia Branson of Super Woman Fitness Boot Camp in Maryland. Here are some of the highlights I took away from the show. Please listen to the show to get the full benefits of Alyshia’s wisdom and insight!

  1. Make a decision:  Alyshia, who was once 85 pounds overweight, said one day when she was in college she had an aha moment and decided that she didn’t want to live her life that way any longer. She didn’t want to be a prisoner of her emotions and choose relationships based on her insecurity. This was the beginning of her weight loss success. I find that although there are many people who want to Reign in Health and Fitness, not many of them have made the decision to do so. Every goal begins with a decision.
  1. Let your friends and family know about your goals: Alyshia was serious about losing the weight permanently this time. She had been on diets before, loss weight and gained it back several times. She made sure that she let the people close to her know what her health and fitness goals were. At that moment they or she could decide if they were going to support her and stay apart of her life. There were some people who she had to disassociate from while on her road to Reign in health and fitness. I heard Dr. Mike Murdock say, “when you tell people your goals you expose your enemies.” An enemy exposed is an enemy that can be defeated because they will let you know if they disapprove your goals and you can eliminate them from your life. If you never share openly what your goals are, an unexposed enemy can not be defeated.  
  1. Choose healthier versions of the foods you love: Now, sharing her success and inspiring others via her Super Woman Fitness Boot Camp, Alyshia helps the women to create a personalized meal plan based on the foods they already enjoy eating. If someone gives you a meal plan and doesn’t know what you like to eat, more than likely you will not stick to it! It’s best to make a list of the foods and meals that you are already enjoy eating and make cleaner versions of them. Here are some guidelines you can use;
    • Chose whole wheat and whole grain breads and pasta.
    • Reduce/Eliminate the sugar, use healthy natural sweeteners instead.
    • Bake it instead of fry.
    • Use leaner versions of meats.
    • Use 2% or lower instead whole dairy products.

  1. Get a workout routine and stay consistent. If you are a beginner start off small and increase your workouts as you go. Don’t try to overwhelm yourself. Being able to do a consistent 20 minute workout 5 days a week is better than doing an inconsistent 1 hour workout 3 days this week, 2 days next week, skip the next 2 weeks, then here you go again. Consistency is the key to breakthrough! Get consistent with a small workout then you’ll be ready for the big leagues. Remember to always challenge yourself. Only you know what this means as we are all on different levels.
  1. Deal with the issues that cause you to over eat: Emotional Eating is a defense mechanism. Once you began this journey those issues that cause you to over eat will become prominent. They will be knocking at your emotions every 5 minutes saying “feed me because ________” you fill in your issue.  Spend some time analyzing yourself and your thoughts. This is why it’s good to keep a journal. Journal how you are feeling when you want to eat at these times. Ask yourself why do I want to eat? Tell yourself that food is fuel and not a drug to help you feel better. Find a healthy habit to replace the emotional eating. For me I use, prayer, affirmations and deep breathing exercises.

  1. Find a support program/group:  Alyshia stated not only does running the boot camp help the women she teaches but it keeps her on her toes as well! We all need to be surrounded by people who share like goals and can support us. Find a place where you can do that and you will see that your journey to Reign in Health and Fitness will be a successful one!

I help aspiring and established women entrepreneurs who struggle with achieving their health and fitness goals, to lose weight, increase their energy, boost their confidence and increase their brand integrity so that they are poised, fit and motivated to start, manage and grow their business! For more info visit and to get your Free gifts! Subscribe to Shelita’s blog at Join us in our Facebook group for FREE Health and Fitness Tips!

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