Thursday, December 1, 2011

Toronto's New Superstar: Odeen Eccelston "More Than Just A Dime"

Be More Than Just A Dime : A Guide for Beautiful Women & Girls To a Beautiful Life & World  Is the book that will change your life. 

Dyme is a female with so much elegance
From the moment she walks in a place she fills the room with such grace
A Dyme is a female that has a great sense of style and vogue
A Dyme is a female that has beauty as well as intelligence
A Dyme is a female that is generous, humble and loyal
A Dyme is a female that is femininity, sensitive, soft and sweet
A Dyme is a female that is mature, charming, loving
A Dyme is a female that is unique, understanding and tender
She is really a dyme peice

By  the time she had received her Bachelor of Arts in Psychology &  English Literature from the University of Toronto at age 21, Odeen Eccleston had also appeared in a multitude of magazines, commercials,  international pageants and print advertisements as well as acted in an  array of films, theatrical productions and television shows. 

Unsurprising to those who had been monitoring her progression, by the  time she was 23 Odeen had sold millions of dollars’ worth of residential  and commercial real estate to Canada’s elite. She created a literary  following while writing advice columns and articles for print and online  magazines. 

After receiving hundreds of emails and messages from women  looking for advice on beauty, business and love, she decided to use some  of the capital she had earned through her booming Real Estate career to  start her own publishing company Needo Publishing Co.  

Be More Than Just a Dime  is the first in a series of publications published by Needo created to  empower and entertain young women and men. Odeen, now 26 years old is  based mainly in Toronto.


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