Thursday, October 6, 2011

Dr. Cindy Trimm named to Ebony Magazine's POWER 100 LIST - Hear her Live and Meet her in ATL


Atlanta, GA - Whether you want to call it an honor, a rare privilege, or simply a mark of respect or distinction, being named to Ebony magazine's “Power 100 List” is something everyone takes notice of! According to Ebony, the list recognizes the doers and influencers who are making things happen in a wide range of disciplines. This year, Dr. Cindy Trimm is listed in the same elite group as President Barack Obama, First Lady Michelle Obama, Tyler Perry, Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs, Tom Joyner, Bishop T.D. Jakes, Michael Jordan, Will Smith, Malcolm Gladwell and Alicia Keys. She is featured in the December/January issue of the magazine that is on newsstands now.

Many outside the faith community may be unfamiliar with Dr. Cindy Trimm, but as her light continues to shine and her sphere of influence continues to expand, the world will soon know her name. Her placement on Ebony’s “Power 100 List” is just one of many accolades for Dr. Trimm this past month. Her latest book, The Art of War for Spiritual Battle is #4 on BCNN1’s National Bestsellers List, and her longstanding bestseller, Commanding Your Morning, is currently ranked #5 on BCNN1’s National Bestsellers E-book List. (AND HER NEW BOOK, Prayer Warrior's Way, IS #1 ON AMAZON)

While the world of media has Oprah, the world of food has Paula Deen, the world of homemaking has Martha Stewart, and the world of finance has Suze Orman, now the world of empowerment has Dr. Cindy Trimm.She is without a doubt the foremost global voice of hope focused on healing the world one soul at a time.

People everywhere are standing up and taking notice of the petite woman who hails from Bermuda. Dr. Cindy Trimm is emerging as one of the world's most powerful movers and shakers and noted women of influence. As the New Year approaches, this best-selling author and respected thought-leader is transforming the way people see empowerment, success, leadership, and influence.

"All of us are influencers and are powerful. It's our ability to press into the best parts of our inner man to maximize the potential within us that makes the difference," said Dr. Trimm. "It is my life's work and goal to empower people and affect positive change in individuals through simple knowledge and revelation. It is also my desire that something I do, say, or write will help people everywhere discover who they are, maximize their potential, and live life on purpose."

Whether it's the thousands of people whose lives are transformed as a result of her powerful teaching and success coaching, the hundreds who benefit from her life-changing university curriculum, the handful of girls in India who now have a home thanks to the Edna Trimm House of Hope, or the many, many people who are recipients of Dr. Trimm's goodwill through The Trimm Foundation’s initiatives across the world, Dr. Cindy Trimmis quickly becoming one of the most critically acclaimed life strategists and leaders in business, government, education, community development, and Christian ministry.

Dr. Trimm is dedicated to weaving her global leadership expertise together with profound spiritual insights to create a tapestry of common, practical wisdom that gives the world a new perspective on faith and empowerment. She continues to "heal the world one soul, one situation, and one success at a time."

"We live in a world where people give their personal power away to circumstances each and every day," states Dr. Trimm"It is my life's goal to help people regain their personal power and claim their rightful position and place in life, fulfilling their purpose like never before. I help people lift personal labels and the limits from off of their lives so they can begin living their best life ever with a renewed sense of hope and dignity."

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