Saturday, July 2, 2011

SOS! I Want to Learn How to Make Money Online!

If you are or want to be an online entrepreneur, don't miss this Telesummit! This will be the best $30 you will spend all year. I purchased Lashanda Henry's Black Business Starter Kit several weeks ago, and it's been life changing! Click here to view more details First off I have NEVER in my life paid $97.00 and received so much high value content in my life. I'm still going thru the information in the kit and I have been reading the ebooks, listening to the audios, watching the videos every day for over a month now!

Understandably when I heard about LaShanda's 2 day Telesummit with all of the dynamic speakers including my fabulous PR Coach Pam Perry, Richelle Shaw, Deborah Owens, Lamar Tyler, Jai Stone and more, I had to tell you about it!
Click here to visit LaShanda Henry. and sign up for the Telesummit which begins July 29th but the sale ends soon!

I'm a motivational speaker, author and goals coach. I have learned the process of creating products and services for my specific target audience. I have learned how to effectively use social media sites to my advantage as a business owner, instead of spending hours online and not selling a thing. I now know how to make a plan, how to please my target audience and how to profit from it, and so much more!

Even though this is not a get rich quick thing, the very same day I implemented one of LaShanda's strategies I got a client! I'm learning about affiliate marketing and signed up for her program. I now can share with people life changing information and make money as well! Honey you better get in where you fit in! It's your time to Reign in your finances, in your business, and in your life!

Many people want to learn how to make money online but don't have the resources to spend thousands of dollars to do so. If you are ready to Reign in Your Lane! I highly recommend you attending this summit and purchasing the Black Business Starter Kit today!

Life will not wait for you, it will pass you by. If you have prayed about this very topic, here is your answer! I'm that sure in this progam.

Shelita Williams R.N, motivation speaker, goals coach and author of “How to Reign in Life,” shows people how to live their dreams and achieve their goals despite obstacles, setbacks, and past failures. Shelita’s book has been featured on CNN, as well as TCT television network to name a few. Go to to get the first 3 chapters of her book along with a 15 page life goals booklet and goal sheet. Connect with Shelita on facebook at

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