Sunday, June 26, 2011

Possessing the Will to Reign! 3 keys to overcome your fears and manifest your dreams

 Recently I went to see the movie Green Lantern. It was a great movie and it made me think about how God has chosen us to Reign in Life, but if we let the enemy steal our will, our determination, desire, motivation and resolve to Reign, then what God wants in our lives will not come to pass. In the movie Hal, played by Ryan Reynolds was chosen by a ring to become the Green Lantern. At first he was excited and fascinated by his new found powers. When the weight of the responsibility and the work involved began to weigh on him, he was ready to quit and begin to believe that the ring made a mistake in choosing him.

God has chosen you to Reign in your relationships, health & fitness, finances, your business, and your purpose. At first you were excited, but now responsibility, the obstacles, the set backs, and the work involved is starting to make you second guess if this is truly God’s will. If the enemy can get you to succumb to the fear, that’s what second guessing God is, then he has destroyed your ability to Reign. In the movie it was said that the will is the strongest weapon against your greatest enemy which is fear.

In my book “How to Reign in Life,” I teach 7 principles to show people how to live their dreams achieve theirs goals and ultimately Reign in Life. Before I began to teach the 7 principles I talk about it being God’s Will for us to Reign. You see it is imperative that not only do we know that its God’s Will, but that we agree with Him and stay in agreement despite whatever our present circumstances may be. The bible says the enemy comes to kill, steal and destroy. I believe one of the things he comes to destroy is the human will.  

Here are 3 things you can do to Possess the Will to Reign

1. Become fully persuaded that God wants you to Reign. Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the Word of God. Spend more time with God than you do worrying about your circumstances and situations.

2. Challenge the fearful you and the Reigning you to a dual. Fear will always be present. People who Reign in Life, feel the fear and do it anyway. I don’t care how small it may be find something that you can do to challenge that fear by actually just doing the thing you fear!

3. Speak like a Reigning one! Mike Murdock says you can’t get to the palace speaking like a peasant. I’m currently teaching a “How toReign in Health & Fitness Boot Camp.” I can tell the difference in the people who actually possess the Will to Reign in Health & Fitness from those who do not simply by the way they speak. Honey Speak as if you already have what you want. You are created in the image and likeness of God, and He calls those things that be not as tho they were.

Shelita Williams R.N, motivational speaker, goals coach and author of “How to Reign in Life,” shows people how to live their dreams and achieve their goals despite obstacles, setbacks, and past failures. Shelita’s book has been featured on CNN, as well as TCT television network to name a few. Go to to get the first 3 chapters of her book along with a 15 page life goals booklet and goal sheet. Connect with Shelita on facebook at

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