Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Confident to Reign!

Has God placed a dream, vision, goal, business idea, relationship, or promotion on your job in your heart? You know what you are supposed to be doing right now but you lack the confidence to get going. Your lack of confidence can be manifested in excuses such as “I don’t have the finances, the equipment, I’m not prepared, someone else is doing that anyway, I don’t want to get my heart broken and I don’t have time.” If any of that sounds familiar this article is for you!

Confidence is defined as having a strong belief, assurance, having no uncertainties full of conviction. The Hebrew definition is all outspokenness, frankness, boldness, publicity. I thought that word publicity was interesting so I looked it up in the Thesaurus; advertising, promotion, hype, media hype, exposure and public relations. Pam Perry of Ministry Marketing Solutions immediately came to mind. I began to think about how she’s in the PR business and you can’t go anywhere in the social media world without seeing her work or hearing her name. She truly markets what she does for God and because she’s excellent at it, so do many others. The antonym would be disbelief, timidity, fear, kept secret, unrevealed, unknown and unseen. Wow! Are you promoting what God has put in your heart or are you keeping it a secret, hidden from the world?

Once you know what God has told you to do, when He told you do it, just do it. Confidence is not being cocky or prideful. The bible tells us to put no confidence in the flesh, Phil. 3:3. When you are confident in what God put on your heart to do that’s having confidence in Him not your flesh because you know that in your own abilities you alone can’t do it. It’s in Him that we live move and have our being, Acts 17:28. It’s actually pride when you refuse to do what God put on your heart to do. Pride is always rooted in selfishness. It’s the I-disease. It’s says, “I can’t, I don’t, I won’t.” It’s not all about us there are people waiting on us to be obedient to what God told us. You are the answer to someone’s prayer, the solution to someone’s problem. If you don’t start that ministry, start that business, go for that promotion, work at that job, sing at that church, use the equipment you already have, start with the money you already have, or open your heart to love again, who is going be missing out on God’s blessings? For you, nobody because you have gotten this far in reading this article I know you are ready to be Confident to Reign!

Here are 3 keys shared by Pastor Lanette Pinkard on our 3/10/10 Reign in Life Radio Show!

1. Stay prayed up! Confidence comes from God! He will give you the strength that you need to do what He told you to do. You can do all things thru Christ if you stay connected to Him. John 15:5, Phil 4:13

2. Affirm the Reign! Speak positive words over your life, over the situation. If God told you to preach, then don’t say “I can’t.” Begin to say things like “I’m an excellent speaker, and I will not be afraid of people.” If God told you to open your heart and love again, don’t say things like “I can’t God, so and so hurt me.” Instead say things like “God has healed my heart, and I will open it up to love and be loved.” Your confession is your profession you’re going to have what you say! Rom 10:10, Pr 18:21

3. Have a grateful heart! While God is transitioning you to where He has called you to be don’t complain about where you are. Where ever you are right now, learn to be content. It will catapult you to where God wants you to be! Just don’t be so content that when it’s time to leave you have issues, LOL! 1 Thes 5:18, Phil 4:11

I want God’s very best for you, I know that sometimes it’s hard but it’s not impossible and this is your breakout year so get to it and be Confident to Reign!

Shelita Williams, Minister, Motivational Speaker, Author of “How to Reign in Life!”

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