Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Free Help For Authors (or those who are thinking of writing a book)

Hey Superstar!

Let me ask you a question...

Have you ever looked at successful authors and entrepreneurs like Michael Gerber, Marci Shimoff, Peggy McColl, Loral Langemeier, Arielle Ford and Michael Port with a mixture of admiration and envy...wondering what in the world they did to become such successful authors... and how you can to?

I certainly have – and today I’ve got great news for you!
Christine Kloser and Lynne Klippel are allowing me to invite you to their newest program completely for FREE!

“Successful Author Secrets: Navigating The Course from Aspiring Author to Best-Seller and Beyond”

It’s a ground-breaking program that walks you through the crucial 9 steps to becoming a successful author... even if you haven’t written a word of your book yet!

I CAN’T believe they are giving you this at completely no-cost!
As soon as I heard about it, I knew I wanted to share it with you.

And get this... in the program, 21 successful authors will tell you the truth about what it took for them to become successful.
There’s never been anything done like this in the publishing industry. And, it’s about time!

Successful Author Secrets is literally a road map for becoming a successful author... and entrepreneur!

It started August 2nd but you can still participate for FREE!

Get started now, go to:
–> http://bit.ly/FREEhelpfrompam

The lineup of speakers is a who’s who of the best and brightest in the non-fiction book world!

So, if you have dreamed of writing a book, are in the middle of writing one, or have a book completed that is not doing as well as you like, you’ve got to check out this incredible program!

Grab your free ticket and join the fun!
–> http://bit.ly/FREEhelpfrompam

To your success,

Pam Perry, Your PR Coach

P.S. Want to learn how one author sold millions of copies of his self-published book and another author successfully wrote 14 critically acclaimed and best-selling books?

Then, grab your free ticket and join us!.
–> http://bit.ly/FREEhelpfrompam

P.S. Don't forget to get the "PR Boot Camp In A Box"
if you want to get the skinny of marketing Christian books. http://www.pamperryonlinepr.com
(get out there!)

Invest in your success.


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